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Pad printing

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This Pad printing kit includes a Exposure unit with UV lamps necessary for engrave pad prinitng plat..
Ex Tax: 1.228,69€
Based on 10 reviews.
Our pad-printing machine is very easy to use and doesn’t need any maintenance. With pad printing,..
Ex Tax: 818,85€
Pad Printing Polymer Plate Making. Built in Europe following specific quality standards, this pro..
Ex Tax: 327,05€
Photopolymer plate “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Dimensions: 100 x 200 mm...
Ex Tax: 16,87€
Photopolymer plates (pack of 10) “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Dimensions:..
Ex Tax: 113,93€
Based on 1 reviews.
Photopolymer plates (pack of 3) “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Dimensions: ..
Ex Tax: 45,52€
Photopolymer plates (pack of 5) “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Dimensions: ..
Ex Tax: 63,25€
Based on 1 reviews.
Glossy film for A3 and A4 LASER printers of 20 sheets. Make a professional film positive for Pa..
Ex Tax: 10,57€
The ink of the "Tampo Plus" series is an ink made of one or two components specially formulated for ..
Ex Tax: 13,11€
Based on 1 reviews.
Closed ink cup with ceramic ring 70mm diameter. Is the best choice for inking in photopolymer p..
Ex Tax: 212,29€
Based on 1 reviews.
Round Pad for pad printing. Flexible type for manual machines. Technical data: Type:  ..
Ex Tax: 15,45€
Ceramic ring for Pad printer machine with closed ink cup. Diameter: 70mm. ..
Ex Tax: 122,13€
Wood Handle Flexible Ink Spatula - Its knee-shaped condition is ideal to better collect the ink in t..
Ex Tax: 8,19€
Based on 1 reviews.
Rectangular Pad for pad printing. Flexible type for manual machines. Technical data: Type: ..
Ex Tax: 22,66€
Round Pad for pad printing. Flexible type for manual machines. Technical data: Type: soft ..
Ex Tax: 22,66€
Screen film for pad printing engrave process. 90% black 120 lines 110 x 210mm. ..
Ex Tax: 16,31€
Based on 1 reviews.
The “Tampoplus” inks (900ml) have high viscosity and have been created to allow the most adequate di..
Ex Tax: 14,67€
To get a perfect adhesion of the Tampoplus ink on difficult materials, we advise you to catalyze it ..
Ex Tax: 44,26€

All for pad printing. For a better print definition.

On the section dedicated to the pad printing technique, you will find everything you need to ensure superior printing quality in order to personalize promotional items through highly professional printing machines, exposure units with long lasting UV lamps, to engrave photopolimer plates for pad printing machines, and lots of other essential accessories. This allows you to provide your customers with exceptional and performing prints on diversified objects to customize pens, bottles, cups etc. The prints obtained through our patented machines, equipped with a detailed DVD video tutorial, are characterized by extreme precision and resistance, and can be easily applied on all surfaces; concave, spherical and flat. Professional pad-printing. Choose your pad printing kit here! For your own business, rely on the experience of Keygadgets; for over 40 years the leader in printing industry in Italy. On Keygadgets you will find the best pad printing equipment, ideal for printing on pens and other objects of diverse materials and shapes, through pads of various sizes that cover a printing area going from 65 x 65 mm up to 65 x 120 mm. In addition to the best pad printing machines available on the market, on Keygadgets you will find all the accessories that can be purchased separately to customize promotional items in its own dedicated category, with a wide range of products: different size pads, Screen film for pad printing engrave process, high precision exposure units and photopolymer plates available separately or in practical convenience packages. Moreover, on the well-equipped Keygadgets portal, you can find pad-printing inks specifically designed for the pad printing technique, as well as the indispensable diluents and curing agents, for a perfect adhesion of the inks.

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